iPad Jailbroken by Geohot

Fact: Blackra1n is qucik and easy to run.
Fiction: Blackra1n is a 30 second ALL device 3.1.2 jailbreak.

That is right people. Although Blackra1n is very easy to use. So simple in fact a child could do it. This simplisity does not come without some drawbacks. Fist you can not do a hard reset. If you let the battery run out on your iPod touch or perform a “hard” reboot, you’ll have to boot your iPod while connected to your computer the next time using BlackRa1n to boot it. If you want your iPhone to be unlocked to use with another carrier, don’t upgrade to 3.1.2 and do not use Blackra1n to jailbreak your iPhone as you wont be able to unlock it from your carrier. So this jailbreak should only be used on ipods that are not 8GB or 3rd gen. So far it has worked great.

UPDATE: With RC3 Blackra1n now does do all it claimed in the 1st place. 11/3/09

By Rubens Saintel

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