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Netflix  today announced that beginning this Spring, buttons that specify “Netflix” – including some featuring the iconic red Netflix logo – are planned to be situated prominently on remote controls that operate certain new Blu-ray disc players from a variety of companies including Best Buy’s in-house Dynex brand, Haier, Memorex, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba.  Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba also will place the Netflix one-click button on remote controls for select new Internet-connected TVs.

Netflix also took out an open letter to Hulu. It read like this;

Dear Hulu,

We would like to say that it was nice to know you.  Please talk to MySpace about changing gears to do something else because this streaming game is ours. Just call us the Facebook for Streaming. Yes, that does make you Myspace. Your in the game but only come in the 4th quarter when we are up by 40.

Yours Truly,



PS.  Stop charging for people if you are going to play ads anyway.


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