In my day tracks were outside in the back of the school. Then again, back in my day we didn’t have wi-fi everywhere either. Things have changed a whole lot. We have cars that can park and drive themselves. Some even have built in wifi. Things that were once impossible are now the norm. However a track on the roof of a school is something I sure never ever thought of. I don’t think anyone in the states has either. The folks at LYCS put the track field on the roof, not only because it saves space and reduces the project’s overall footprint, but it also provides children an great environment.

The four level school is organized around a hollow nucleus where further activities take place and windows cut out of the outer envelope infuse the classrooms and offices with plenty of natural light. Whilst we have some concern about the levels of pollution in Tian Tai county, (we hope it’s not as bad as Beijing) this model design promotes learning and cultivation of all aspects of life – the arts, sports, culture, tradition and ethics.

rooftop track2

The project for the TianTai County ChiCheng Second Primary School is one of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen. The design focuses on great architecture and mixed with real function. Lifting the running track gave the school 4 floors instead of 5.

By Rubens Saintel

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