If you thought only Magic Johnson had the cure for HIV, you might be right. However,  for patients that don’t have unlimited funds doctors have come a long way as well. The focus at the moment is in preventative treatments. These treatments have proven to be more effective than once thought.A study published in The Lancet talks about a new preventative treatment daily pill to prevent infection.  The pill is called Pre-exposure prophylaxis (orPrEP). When used in the form of a gel it has prevented the  transmission between an infected mother and her child, at birth.

A test of PrEP on 2,400 drug addicts in Thailand, where shared needles are a hugely common way to transmit HIV. Participants were given a PrEP daily. Then they were tested for transmission. The participants who were taking PrEP were 74%  less likely to be infected. Researchers know that PrEP works for an at-risk population. However,  it is going to be hard to get addicts to commit to the treatment. It’s sad to think but one researcher even said that “the cost of distributing PrEP meds might actually outweigh the benefits, along with overshadowing proven outreach programs like clean needles, methadone, and test-and-treat.”


By Rubens Saintel

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