Its a pretty clear that tablet-friendly remote desktop simply has not worked. In fact is has been pretty bad. Today’s tablet world is all touch. Therefore a traditional desktop UI does not work on a tablet. Parallels’ Access client for the iPad looks to change that. It aims to give users a better touch focused experience. Parallels Access offers users a app launcher similar to what people have come to know and love.  Text selection, gestures and even multitasking behave much like they normally would on Apple’s tablets. Whats the catch? Well it seems that everyone is walking away from the pay once model and heading feet first into the world of subscription fees.  You will have to pay $80 a year for the use of the app. For a better understanding of the service, check out the video below.



Editing in Microsoft Office or browsing the web in Chrome is natural. Parallels adds a new keyboard row, app switcher and a magnifying glass mode that brings up a mouse pointer. Text copied in Parallels Access can be used in other apps in iO as well. Video playback works very well on a fast connection. The launcher only lists a handful of favorite titles. However it is fully customizable.  Keep in mind that by default, you also don’t see the desktop; you have to enable it if you want access to the OS X menu bar or Windows system tray.

Parallels Access only has support for Windows 7 and 8 is available through a public beta. Full support for connecting to Macs running OS X Lion or later is standard. As of now there’s also no Android client. If you meet all of Parallels’ current requirements, you can grab the new software for free at the source link.


By Rubens Saintel

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