Love Dropbox but hate having to pimp out your friends and contacts to get more space? The company Connected Data has just the thing for you. They have come up with a device called Transporter Sync. The Transporter Sync gives users Dropbox-like functionality without subscription fees or hassling contacts to sign up for anything. The Sync lets you use any external HDD that is smaller than 4TB.

The Sync does just what it’s namesake says. It synchronizes between all the top operation systems and devices out on the market. It will work with Mac OS® X 10.7 or higher, Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8 32 & 64 bit. The App will work on Apple iOS 5.1 and higher as well as Android 4.0 and higher. Sorry Linux and Windows Phone. You will be able to start working on a file at work. Save it on a folder. Get home sit on the couch, pick up your tablet and finish working on that same file. The company says you will get seamless syncing between your computer, smartphone or tablet.  All of your data is saved locally so they should be very safe. Sync will be available for $99.



By Rubens Saintel

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