If you were Xbox Entertainment Studios how do you follow-up with a planed Halo project involving Steven Spielberg? Simple, make show based on hip-hop icon Nas. The show will focus on Nas as a youth. A a half-hour series loosely based on his life as a hip-hop artist in the 1990s? Humm.. Where have I seen this before?

Yes, the show does seem like a blatant rip off of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air from a concept point of view. However, Nas and Will Smith grew up in to very different environments. I imagine the show, titled “Street Dreams” will feature Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones in more grim situations than Will. I think more New York Undercover than 21 Jump Street. How dramatic the show is will depend on what kind of audience they are going for. We will see how much the show digs into Nas’ past growing up in the Queensbridge Projects. The good news is that Nas himself is signed on to handle music and help with writing for the show. That means the show will be as authentic as possible.

Nas’ manager is executive producing the show along with Johnathan Levine and Electric City Entertainment. Electric City Entertainment are the people who brought you The Place Beyond The Pines. Professional wiring writing and directing will be done by Jonathan Levine.  Jonathan Levine, who also grew up in New York won  the Audience Award at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival for his coming of age feature The Wackness. We have no idea when this show is coming out but we hope soon.











By Rubens Saintel

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