“We’re excited that Office is coming to iPad — now part of the more than 500,000 apps designed specifically for iPad. iPad has defined a new category of mobile computing and productivity and transformed the way the world works,” Apple said in a statement. “Office for iPad joins an incredible lineup of productivity apps like iWork, Evernote and Paper by FiftyThree, that users can choose from to inspire them to do more with this powerful device.” ~ Apple

Handing over 30 percent of that revenue to Apple maybe something the little guy does not even second guess. However if you are a Tech Giant you do a 2nd take at giving away your revenue to a competitor. That is why Google does not have any purchase options in its apps. That is the same reason you can not buy Kindle books from the kindle apps on the iOS. Microsoft is a Tech Giant but of the old school so it has to do things different. This is a start.

Indeed, Microsoft does offer Office 365 subscriptions within the just-released Word for iPad and the other Office apps and, yes, it is paying the 30 percent cut, Apple confirmed to Re/code. Microsoft declined to comment on the matter.

Apple has taken a hard line with all manner of publishers that want to sell things, even subscriptions that go well beyond the iPad content — if anything is sold in the app, they have to use Apple’s method and hand over 30 percent. ~Tim Cook vi Re/code

Office and Windows boxes was its bread and butter. That needs to change. To do that change they have to expand beyond the Windows platform and as such work with Apple. Google and Kindle have the luxury have revenue from other sources and more importantly services. Microsoft was late to this game of subscription services. It had no choice but to hand over 30% of its revenue from each Office 360 subscription on the iOS. Tim Cook  was very happy to hear that Microsoft Office for iPad is on the iPad. Apple will be taking its 30% cut.

By Rubens Saintel

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