Okay so today as part of my weekly Off Topic (Meaning non tech) post. I am going to talk to you. That is right every single person in a relationship right now or thinking about it. This covers all you because in the end most if not all of you lovely women think the same way.

Disclaimer Rubens Saintel can not be held accountable for his off the wall views nor should it affect future endeavors. I love you all.

Get your mind right:
So you can’t get over the  fear your partner is cheating. Here are a few signs of a jealous person; if you find yourself saying “I do that” then you might want to check yourself (Meaning reevaluate yourself) or leave the person you are with. The same could be said if you don’t have at least one of these then you are blind and ran over; just an FYI.

1) You are a Phone Cop: Your partner can’t get a text message, email or even a ding sound without you asking or thinking  “who’s that?” It’s one thing to be aware of women who may be overstepping their boundaries. If its past 11pm. That better his sister or mother or aunt. Same goes for you. It better be your brother or father. You should find out about that “I miss you” text from my ex because I told you, not because you picked up my iPad while I was asleep.

2) Together Every Day: Your inseparable because you can’t get enough of one another. That is sweet also known as the honeymoon phase.  If you cling because you don’t trust her out in the streets with anyone but you, that is a problem. While your lover shouldn’t be without you for a week, you should be able to trust her even when you aren’t by her side.

3) Facebook Stalking: You find yourself looking at my  Facebook wall and replying to post every hour on the hour. You are very insisting that I use a couple’s picture as my profile pic. (Stop it) You are mad that I won’t add “in a relationship with” in my profile. Now you have a valid case if my relationship status is listed as single but if there is nothing there, let it go.

4) Passwords: You might need to check yourself (Meaning reevaluate yourself) if you start demanding passwords find yourself reading emails from my iPad because you figured out my password. If you have to do all that there are big trust issues here.

5) Other Women Are The Enemy: I’m having a party my home girls are there, as well as other women who were already in the place where the party was held. You are so clingy I can’t so much as speak to another woman unless I intro with “Hello, this is my girlfriend.”

6) Spot Checks: You find yourself concerned that any time I am without you is prime cheating time. So you show up randomly unannounced. Don’t do that.

7) Investigation of My Peoples: Having a relationship with your love’s loved ones is great! The friend and family liking you is invaluable. However, if you only check in with my mother when you heard that My ex-girlfriend stopped by to visit her. That is not cool.

8 ) CIA: Checking receipts, counting condoms, emptying my pants pockets, checking to see if wall paper has changed, sniffing laundry. Wow, slow down! If you keep looking hard enough, you will find something even if it was never there.

9)  JEALOUS: I can understand your doubt or annoyance at some other woman’s presence. I’d have 2nd thoughts too if my girl had more “boy friends” than “girl friends”. That is normal but when you are constantly feeling insecure, angry or unsafe in your relationship. It is time to talk it out and find out what is really going on; either with you internally or with him externally.

10) Who Am I? Ask your self  if you
A: need to snap out of it crazy woman.
B: If your partner has given you ammo to question his loyalty, then you need to decide if you are with the right person

End Note: If you 100% trust your partner that is good but a little suspicion never hurt anyone. Keeps them on their toes. Just don’t get carried away with it.

Next Saturday’s topic; How to know your dating a jerk

By Rubens Saintel

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