CES 2010

CES 2010

First off it is 2010! I remember Fox used to have a show called Beyond 2000. It was all new technology that would change the world. CES every year is like that show. What is seen at the show may never come, ok most of what I saw will never make it to market but it does help people think about what could be. CES was like Toys R’ Us for a kid with no spending limit. Everything you could think of was there to play with and somethings that you might have never thought of.

The first thing that comes to mind is the AR Drone. It is an iPod controled over wi-fi flying toy. It was the talk of the show. Although CES is for all things tech; this year was all things 3D. I say by spring 3D tv’s should be in stores for the mass market to buy. By the looks of it buy they will since it seems there will be lots of content for the not so new media format.

Although Microsoft gave the Keynote they were not at the show. What I mean by that is there was no talk of Windows mobile 7 to go fight iPod. There was no new much hoped for Microsoft Courier to fight the Apple Tablet. Infact it seemed like Kia’s rebranded sync was the highlight of the show for them. I’m not counting Project Natal until I get a hard street date and it is not new, they had it at E3. Step your game up Microsoft before you end up like Yahoo.

I wanted to test out AT&T service so an iPod 3G S with iBlogger was used to write this post. Yes, the service did cut off a few times but it is nothing you can’t live with. The point many people had at the show was; for what you pay for AT&T you should not have to live with bad service. So maybe Apple can get a move on with a CDMA phone for Verizon. That is what was talked about most in the back rooms of the South Hall.

By Rubens Saintel

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