What if you could learn a new language by simply taking a pill? That might be not too far fetched. Just think what that would do for communication around the world. No need to the often very incorrect yet amusing Google Translate or the overly expensive Rosetta Stone. According to MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte that future might just be right around the corner.

When Nicholas Negroponte talk people listen. He has the ability to see more in the future than Nostradamus. Negroponte has held TED Talks since the 70’s and has predicted the future of technology at around the same time. People always dismissed his ideas of the future but repeatedly he as proven to be spot on. He predicted multitouch and Google Glass before the iPhone or there even was a company called Google. Negroponte now thinks that we will be able to learn an entire language by eating a pill.


Nicholas Negroponte is the founder MIT Media Labs. In the above TEDTalk Nicholas Negroponte takes you on a journey through the last 30 years of tech and leaves you with one last prediction for the coming 30 years. Keep in mind he has a 30 year track record of being spot on with his predictions. The consummate predictor scoffed at predictions of what has become ubiquitous today.




By Rubens Saintel

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