Irma’s music video is projection-mapping done right. The artist new music video is filled with creative eye candy to keep you looking forward to the next sence. The wonderment of this video is that it was done in one continuous shoot. The Irma who is a Cameroonian singer also does the visuals justice by adding her lovely voice to the song Save me. French design house SuperBien came up with the concept and design. International super directors Xavier Maingon and Marc-Antoine Hélard  handled the direction the video would take.

The whole thing took place on a single a single soundstage. The team used 7 digital projectors to do the projection-mapping on the walls.  Getting all this wonderfulness in one shot took some work. Alright, that is an understatement. It took a whole lot of work. 25 takes worth of work. Each time someone missed a queue everyone would have to start over again. I hope the kids on some Pinkberry after shoot was over.  




Creative, energetic and a lot of fun! Well done. Added to the channel – NOTHING SHORT OF… and others. ~Kaiser Kreations


Artiste : Irma
Song: Save Me
Album: Faces
Label : My Major Company
Production: HK Corp
Director: Xavier Maingon
Videomapping : Superbien

By Rubens Saintel

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