Sprint offers 30-day “You’ll Love Our Network” Guarantee


Sprint has lost countless customers to T-Mobile in the last few years. One of the last companies with unlimited data it hopes you will come to it and stay. Turns out Sprint more than hopes, it guarantees it. Well sort of. Sprint offers 30-day “You’ll Love Our Network” Guarantee wish pretty much assumes you will love them. That is right Sprint is so sure you’ll love their network that it will refund you the cost of the smartphone and service if you’re not completely satisfied.

sprint sucks

Sounds to me like they are asking for trouble but that do I know. I’ve only been customer for years who only remains for the unlimited data not the horrible service and spotty coverage. Act fast people the guarantee is only available for a limited time only. The guarantee is only for new customer accounts, eligible businesses who activate a line or current customer that add a new line of service. On top of giving you your money back Sprint will also give $650 to cover the cost of switching for a competitor network. Well ok, then. Is this desperation or genius?