Even though HP tried its best to kill webOS, it looks webOS won’t ever die. The WSJ is reporting that LG will make use of webOS to operate a new smartwatch that will release in early 2016. We have no idea why LG believes a webOS smartwatch could be successful. It’s not like the OS has done anything for any company that has owned it.

Since the landscape is so fragmented, the chances of having a standard in the intelligent television marketplace and the smartwatch space looks to be slim to none. Hardware vendors all don’t want to provide any-more energy to Google they need to get more control over their own fate and then it currently do. That and Google has failed to live up to the challenge.

For this reason one un-named LG professional says  “we are likely to gradually make an effort to develop an ecosystem around places we can have significantly more control over.”

By Rubens Saintel

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