Informate Mobile Intelligence - Smartphone Usage Infographic


What are you doing right now? What did you do before that? What are you doing in about 3mins from now? Chances are you were on your phone and you will at any moment. A study has found what you already know. We spend a whole lot of time on our phones. Americans Spending more than 4 hours a day on their smart phones. Thats more 11 other countries that have faster internet speeds.  That is according to a new monthly report from Informate Mobile Intelligence. They are a company that tracks and measures consumer use of smartphones in countries around the world.

“Smartphones are becoming the primary screen for consumers here in the U.S. and around the world. But, surprisingly, none of the traditional digital measurement firms have taken this unequivocal dynamic seriously outside of the U.S. and a few international countries. This is not a U.S. and developed country dynamic. It is a global sea change. That’s a powerful new dimension that we bring to the table.” ~Informate CEO Will Hodgman

Each month of the report covers overall smartphone usage and data consumption by country. It covers overall engagement and reach; most-popular activities including gaming, video, and texting; share of time spent on key genres including utilities, surfing, chat and VOIP, calls; top apps; top properties accessed by reach; and other relevant monthly data. The report shows that Americans are spending the most time per day on their smartphones at 4.7 hours. However folks in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are not spending a lot of time on the phone at all. They are spending just under two hours each. Americans use over 20 gigabytes of data per month on their smartphones.

Apps Usage: Google properties represented at least six of the top ten apps accessed across all markets. Facebook properties including FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram accounted for the rest. Video apps usage was highest in Mexico. Music usage was highest in India. Radio and TV apps were most popular in the U.S.