Today we are going to talk flowers. Why well because its Valentine’s Day. If you have not made plans with your boo by now. Good luck on a reservation to a show or dinner. You might only be able to give her flowers at this point. So, with that said; guys here is our Valentine’s Day tip. A Guide To What flowers mean.




Red Roses

Red roses are a Valentine’s Day classic.  They represent love and romance.  A symbol of and represent love as well as romance for many cultures. I you are buying a bouquet of roses; you are making a strong statement.

White Roses

White roses at one point were the the go to flowers for true love. That may explain why they are used often in weddings. They are representation of purity love and innocence of the feeling. That is the same reason wedding dresses are white. On the hand, some folks associate white flowers with sympathy and death. Choose wisely my friend.

Yellow Roses

These roses are a great choice for your friend. Not your girlfriend because they represent friendship. You don’t want to send the wrong message.

Pink Roses

Pink roses represents burning passion also known as lust. These roses are for a newer relationship. They are not a symbol of love like red but still nice enough to get you what you want.

Lavender Roses

Purple roses represent royalty. You want to give this to the one you have been with for a long time and show that you are not going anywhere.


Daisies represent innocence. As an adult you should not be handing these out unless this is her favorite flower. These are not the Valentine’s Day flowers you want to go with.


Pink tulips represent caring, purple mean royalty,  Red tulips mean love, white forgiveness, and yellow one means you are really into them but not in love yet.


These mean that you want to flatter the person you are sending them to. These are meant for an older lady that can appreciate the sentiment. It takes a special person to give a plant instead of flowers. However your Valentine’s Day plant will last for longer than four day and you can nature it like your relationship.


Yellow chrysanthemums represent a secret admirer and bronze means excitement. They are great for a first date but not a lasting love.


These full stems represent perseverance. That’s why they are used at weddings so much. You want to give this after being with someone for a long time. These are not a new relationship type of flower. For long-standing couples only.


These are the best flowers to add a little culture to your romantic ways. The peony is the national floral symbol of China. The word peony means beautiful in Chinese. The flower means good luck. I would give it on any date you want to last and have a conversation starter at the same time.

By Rubens Saintel

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