The anticipation is almost at an end. The Wait is Over: Apple Watch Details on March 9th! We will get pricing details on the various models. We will have the pre-order day and release dates. We get specs of the different models and most importantly we well get information about the battery life. Now that Apple has announced it’s spring event, it is only a matter of time. (See what I did there?) Invitations to some lucky few were sent out today. If you were not one of those lucky few you can head over the website for the live stream. You should also save that on your browser for March 9th.


Apple will also talk about what it is doing with Beats and ApplePay numbers. However the bulk of the event will be focused on the Apple Watch. Apple will stream the event live. Let us hope they use a new company to help them out with that part of the event. The stream for there last event was horrible. Not that you would forget the date but if you are fearful of such a thing happening, Apple included a link to add it to your calendar.

The live steam is not for everyone. Apple likes to keep things within the family. That said you need Safari, iOS device or on any 2nd and up Apple TV. to view the live stream.

By Rubens Saintel

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