iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 is a win for customers. Both have great performance from the moment you turn them on. The iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge are the phones to beat this year. The HTC tried its best and LG has a great watch but when it comes smartphones no one competes with these two. If you’re considering a new phone you can’t go wrong. A real-life speed comparison between the two is marginal at best


You may have already seen the memory performance test or a comparison of the fingerprint scanner but the folks over at PhoneArena put the Galaxy S6 Edge and the iPhone 6 in a duel to see which is faster. The iPhone 6 may have the powerful A8 processor but Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 Edge has the 64-bit chip called Exynos 7420. The chip is uses an advanced 14-nanometer manufacturing process. Does it help? Lets find out.