Game of Thrones + The 7 UK political parties = Epicness. I know it’s starting to be the go to word for me. I will work on stopping. I am getting help but it is a slow process. Last night the leaders of the seven biggest parties in Britain had a live debate. It was a first of its kind. The folks at IPTV also came up with the worse hash tag to use for this event. They used #massdebate It was either very smart as everyone was talking about the hash tag and the event or very stupid as everyone was making fun of the hash tag.

Game of Thrones follows a pretty consistent schedule. HBO announced the premiere date of April 12th. That is 11 days until season five of Game of Thrones airs. What better way to tie the two together than to have banners for the 7 UK political parties made into the style of Game of Thrones? The design company Moo decided to do just that and the results are pretty amazing to say the lease.






By Rubens Saintel

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