Hillary Clinton And Andrew Cuomo Campaign In New York

It’s official Hillary Clinton for President. The announcement that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016 was long over due. Her words today was intended to appeal to the middle grown American. The heartland of America if you will. Her campaign will also have to touch on legal gender issues and deteriorating relations with minorities. The nation as we know it is changing. America had its first Black president with Barack Obama but was that a social experiment? Can and is America ready for a woman as president?

Hillary Clinton finally jumped on the presidential campaign platform. The long-awaited announcement in true modern times was in the form of a video message. Seven years after losing her first quest for Presidency at the hands of Barack Obama, Hillary is ready to take on the battle again.

“A champion for everyday Americans” is the platform that Hillary Clinton is running on. Her two-minute video simply entitled “Getting Started” showed various Americans of different race and occupations talking about the future. The video cleverly foreshadows how Hillary plans to run her campaign. Among them all the people in video was a Latino businesswoman speaking in Spanish about opening a business. This part appeals to women, businesses, entrepreneurs and Latinos. In just a short few seconds she was able to capture a few broad voting segments. The video also features a gay couple discussing their upcoming marriage. So we know her stands on that subject.

The video ends with Mrs Clinton stating a fact: “I’m getting ready to do something too, I’m running for president.” That is correct, she is running but running is not  winning. The year-long marathon which is the campaign trail has begun and time will tell if she can go the distance before bowing out.

By Rubens Saintel

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