I got 99 Problems but Tidal’s not one says Jay-Z. Jay-Z says all the criticism is an organized ‘smear campaign’ coming from big companies.

Jay Z was on twitter this weekend more than he has ever been in years. I guess he finally realized that social media is a great way to reach masses. BGR started the so called “smear campaign” with a post published about Tidal’s rapid download performance decline due to Tidal using stars like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj ask ambassadors. BGR was spot on. I mean most people don’t care about fairer streaming revenue shares for artists who are already rich. The BGR story caught on like wild fire. In just a few hours it was everywhere. When it was all said and done the post had 900,000 page views. It sparked conversations as well as articles in Bloomberg, New York Magazine, E Online, Daily Mail and Saintel Daily.

On the flip side, while it may seem like Tidal is about the super rich it also works out pretty well for independent artist. They keep 100% of their own music and take home 75% of sales. That is a very big deal. Alicia Keyes said Tidal will “forever change the course of music history.” Well it will but it may not be in the direction they want. With Tidal being so much more than other services Spotify and Pandora look like a great deals for consumers. In the end only time will tell how well Tidal does. For now I think Jay-Z would refer to one of his own songs “Can I live?”



By Rubens Saintel

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