Let’s just jump right into it.iOS 9 will be smaller than previous updates. iOS 9 comes in at just a 1.3GB install it. iOS 9 takes the wonderful Siri that is on the Apple Watch. The user interface is more clean and the response time is faster. Siri is proactive just like Google Now is. The way it does that is by offering suggestions for people who you might want to contact based on upcoming meetings as well as one-tap location suggestions. There is also an API for search so that you can get data from your favorite apps.

New & enhanced Apple Notes:

  • Add checklists
  • ShareSheet lets you add links
  • Enter photos directly into your notes
  • Draw sketches inside your notes.

Apple Maps is finally adding public transit data. Searching locations in Maps is better. You will also know when merchants in your area support Apple Pay.

iOS 9 has a new app called News. The app is Flipboard but backed by Apple. With the intro of the News app. Newstand is gone. Not that anyone will miss it. The News app drops in the U.S., U.K. and Australia soon. All other countries will have to wait.

According to Apple the News app is “the best online reading experience.”

iPad gets a track pad by placing two fingers down on the touch display at once. iPad gets a new task switcher. You can also do split screens of two different apps on the iPad with iOS 9.