Charleston, SC is morning the deaths of 9 nine people today. A white man opened fire during a prayer meeting. The man sat in on the prayer meeting for at least an hour before he started to shoot. Charleston shooting is a tragic reminder the racial divide in America. The shooting took place in a very historic black church in downtown Charleston. The “Mother Emanuel” church in Charleston is the oldest African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church in the South.  The church was founded in 1816 in part by Denmark Vesey a freed slave. Vesey was later executed for organizing a “revolt.” That was the code word for change back in that time. Killing of nine black people in a church including a pastor is clearly race related. Authorities agree as well and have described this vicious act as a hate crime. Police released photographs from surveillance video of the suspect. In the picture you can see his car and his face. Although the pictures were not clear, they did help lead to an arrest. Interestingly enough the shooter has very little negative press.  The president spoke of the shootings but never addressed the real issue. It was not simply gun violence. It was a racially charged hate crime.


President SC

I’m sick of President Obama biting his lip in post-massacre statements as he did today, pretending he deeply cares when he, too, has done absolutely nothing to stop these atrocities happening. In his last State of Union address, Obama never even mentioned the word ‘gun’ – a shameful omission. ~PIERS MORGAN FOR MAILONLINE


This shooting comes just months after the fatal shooting of Walter Scott, by a white police officer in neighboring North Charleston. Scott was who is black was unarmed. That shooting sparked major protests and highlighted racial tensions in America. The officer was charged with murder. The shooting also motivated South Carolina lawmakers to push through a bill helping all police agencies in the state get body cameras. State Sen. and church pastor Clementa Pinckney who was a sponsor of that bill was one of the people killed in the shooting.

I’m not saying that is why the shooting happen. It is just another part of a tragic situation. Reverend Clementa Carlos Pinckney was a Democratic member of the South Carolina Senate, representing the 45th District since 2000. He was previously a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives from 1997 through 2000. He was elected to the state house at age 23, making him the youngest member of the House at the time. Most importantly he was a married father of two.



‘‘We want to identify this individual and arrest him before he hurts anyone else. We will put all effort, we will put all resources and we will put all of our energy into finding this individual who committed this crime tonight,’’’ ~Chief Mullen


‘‘The only reason that someone could walk into a church and shoot people praying is out of hate. The most unspeakable and heartbreaking tragedy. It is the most dastardly act that one could possibly imagine, and we will bring that person to justice. … This is one hateful person.’’’’ ~Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley


‘‘He never had anything bad to say about anybody, even when I thought he should. He was always out doing work either for his parishioners or his constituents. He touched everybody.~ Rutherford, D-Columbia

By Rubens Saintel

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