Ready to explore Pluto? NASA makes Teaser Trailer For The New Horizons Mission and its kind of epic. The New Horizons is the fastest spacecraft ever created. Think about that for moment. The spacecraft will go past Pluto in just a few weeks. On July 14, 2015 New Horizons will send back high resolution photos and data back to earth. This will be the first time ever we will have this kind of detail about the dwarf planet’s surface. It has been a long journey getting from there to here. It’s been just about ten years since NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft set out for the Pluto system.

We, the members of the National Space Society, believe exploring the unknown for the betterment of all is among humanity’s most essential pursuits. We honor the historic New Horizons mission by commissioning the inimitable Erik Wernquist to create this video. ~NASA


By Rubens Saintel

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