The iFlex do not need air pressure. A new type of eco-friendly material combined with geometric shapes built into the material provide the bounce and springiness normally provided by air pressure. The iFlex is compatible with current vehicles.

File this post under the about time section. Hankook introduces air-free car tires called the iFlex. One would think that someone would have invented this before. I mean KITT from Knight Rider could re-inflate his tires if it were to go flat. Now we can do the same thing too, sort of. The Hankook iFlex tires do not need air. That was not a typo. Hankook Tire’s new prototype tire iFlex doesn’t require any air at all, thus you never need to worry about getting a flat tire ever again.


Hankook has completed a multitude of performance tests to ensure that the tires can perform as well as conventional tires. At speeds up to 80 mph, Hankook said that the iFlex tires perform great. Wonder what happens over 80 mph? Also Hankook has not said when the tires will be hitting the streets. (See that I did there?)


By Rubens Saintel

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