Angry Birds 2

Rovio, the creator of the super successful and popular mobile game Angry Birds, today announced a sequel of the game — Angry Birds 2.

Remember Angry Birds? At one time it was the addiction that swept across the mobile gaming world. Everyone was playing it and productivity came to a crawl. Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 3 billion times across different platforms since its launch in 2009. The franchise got so large that there were talks of a movie. It already had its own Saturday morning cartoon. Wait, I’m dating myself. There are cartoons on all the time now. Angry Birds got so big that Star Wars and Transformers jumped on board with the product..

Then something happen. We moved on like we fickle casual gamers always do. Rovio is hoping that you will give it another shot with the release of Angry Birds 2 on July 30. This is not a spin off but an actual sequel to the mega hit. Do you care? The answer is yes! Check out the teaser trailer below.




By Rubens Saintel

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