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Commission requires that AT&T-DIRECTV retain both an internal company compliance officer and an independent, external compliance officer that will report and monitor, respectively, the combined entity’s compliance with all conditions of the merger.

AT&T completes acquisition of DirecTV just days after the Department of Justice gave it the green light. The deal was helped by the FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler who recommend its approval. FCC may have voted to approve the $49 billion AT&T / DirecTV merger but it placed a few conditions. The set of conditions are in place for only four years. One of the requirements is for AT&T to expand its fiber network, hook up gigabit internet to eligible locations and provide affordable standalone internet for low-income customers in its service areas. AT&T’s must also address its data usage caps. It will no longer be able to discriminate against other video services. AT&T will also have to disclose all its interconnect agreements. So those deals Netflix does not want anyone to know about will be out in the open soon enough. It will be up to the FCC to monitor the terms. In case you were wondering there will be no Sunday Ticket for U-verse but on the flip side your rates won’t go up. There will be new cross-bundles are coming soon to both parties.


By Rubens Saintel

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