Prince Inks Exclusive Deal With TIDAL To Release Much Anticipated New Album, HITNRUN. Release Date Set For September 7th, 2015 (PRNewsFoto/TIDAL)

 “There are a lot of experimental sounds.  It’s just hit after hit and definitely caters to those fans who just love to hear what Prince has to say, rather than wanting to always hear that classic Purple Rain Prince sound.”  ~3RDEYEGIRL. 

Apple Music and Spotify might be fighting for the rights to be crown streaming music king but Tidal is still around. Today they inked a deal with iconic Prince. The streaming music platform led by Jay-Z confirmed that the next release from Prince will be exclusively on TIDAL on September 7, 2015. The experimental album called HITNRUN was first outed by Prince’s band 3RDEYEGIRL while on BBC radio. The first single from the album HARDROCKLOVER has gotten well deserved critical praise from press and artist alike. The Guardian said “Prince is back to his old sensual self ‘ripping jeans’ and ‘making women scream’ on this minimal slow jam.”  Billboard called HARDROCKLOVER “A dreamy rock song”, and Rolling Stone described it as simply “Wild”.

Prince has never been a fan of mainstream. He considers record company contracts as signing yourself up for slavery or turning yourself into an indentured servant. The reason he says this is because artist have very little control over how their music is used. It becomes an even bigger problem when it comes to revenue from streaming services. The Prince deal with TIDAL partnership makes sense because Jay-Z has come up with a place where the artist is taken cared of first. Unfortunately because of that fact customers are not jumping on to the service as fast as Hov would like. Prince and his people have worked on the deal with TIDAL for months. The two icons started talking shop and doing business together back in May. TIDAL live streamed the first hour of Prince’s RALLY 4 PEACE concert in Baltimore. TIDAL also matched all donations that were made on the website.

“Jay Z and the team he has assembled at TIDAL recognize and applaud the effort that real musicians put in2 their craft 2 achieve the very best they can at this pivotal time in the music industry.  Secondly, TIDAL have honored Us with a non-restrictive arrangement and We’re Extremely grateful 4 their generous support. If that’s what freedom feels like, HITNRUN is what it sounds like.” ~Prince

“Prince has always been a visionary, a free-thinker. We’re also excited to be the home for his new upcoming album, HITNRUN. This partnership with Prince represents TIDAL’s philosophy in its truest form, a 1 to 1 connection and direct delivery of artistry to the world.” ~ JAY Z

By Rubens Saintel

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