walk car


“What if we could just carry our transportation in our bags, wouldn’t that mean we’d always have our transportation with us to ride on?’ ~Cocoa Motors

Yes, the Lexus hoverboard was cool but after watching a behind the scenes we know it’s not practical at all. The dreams of hovering through the streets like Back to the Future are going to have to remain just that, a dream. An alternative be on the way. A company called Cocoa Motors has come up with something called the WalkCar. It is said to be the world smallest electric vehicle. The skateboard-like device is so small that it can fit in your backpack. To move the vehicle all you have to do is  bend your body toward any direction almost like a Segway. The WalkCar will move that way.  When you are done just place the WalkCar on the charger under your desk until you are ready to go home for the day.

The WalkCar can carry up to 265 pounds (120kg) at up to 6.2 mph (10km/h), for distances of up to 7.4 miles (12km). The whole thing will recharge in just three hours. The WalkCar comes in two versions. The indoor version weighs 4.4 pounds and the outdoor version weighs 6.6 pounds. Both versions are made out of aluminum. The WalkCar is going for $800 on Kickstarter and expected to ship in spring 2016.