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“It’s not all that common, but people do do it, and it’s also not that big a deal. It’s a way of chronicling your life a little bit, though it can be different for guys than it is for girls.” ~Christie Hartman, Ph.D.

Today starts Saintel Daily’s Sunday Funday off topic series. We normally cover tech, media or sports but mostly tech. Today we will expand into some fun topics. Every Sunday we cover some off topic fun. Today’s topic is Do You Have A Sex List? I mean It’s not a hard question to ask but it is a hard one to answer. Some people have a list some people don’t. While others are appalled that you would even think about having such a time. I think I started my sex list when I was a freshmen in college. I started it for two reasons. One was as a way to have something to written down to review in the greatest years of college life. The other reason I wanted to be able to comfortably be able to know who I was with. As I have gotten older it is incredibly satisfying to be able to not ever have to respond that “I wasn’t exactly sure how many partners I have had.”


While the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is what if your partner finds the list. Well in a relationship you should have already talked about your past in order to have a stable present. Besides she has a right to know who you slept with and you should know the same information. That said, you should not share this information with just anyone. I have heard that talking about past partners is the most mortifying conversation to have in a new relationship. It never occurred to my friends to create a sex list. At first the Sex List was just a list of names in chronological order. However over the years I have added more detail. I have come to find that both Men and women make list. Although the reasons might be different. Women might keep a sex list to make sure they have not crossed over into the haven’t gone over “the number.” You know, that limit society or even they’ve imposed on themselves. You know my reasons for the list but they may not be a good enough reason for you to have such sensitive information outside the confines of your own head. Below are some that might convince you otherwise.


Top Reasons to Keep A Sex List

1. Ego boosts: Once in a while on Facebook you see someone that has changed so much. For the better or the worse. If she is hot, it’s nice to go back and think “Whoa! That girl actually slept with me!” If she has decline, its nice to think what was not is.

2. Nostalgia: Sex is a privilege not a right. Even if you are married. Especially if you are married. So its not nice to reflect on when someone was as into you as you were with them enough to let you sleep with with them.

3. TPOV: Teachable point of view. TPOV is a way of looking at something and asking what have learned from this experience. Have you matured in the bedroom? After creating your list you better be able to say yes. You should have learned what not do sexually and more importantly in a relationship. That way you can better expand in your current relationship.

4. Safety: I’m not having sex with enough people in such a short span that I wont be able to name the past few I have slept with but these are reasons for you. If you contract an STD, you may have to track ex partners if you are promiscuous like the lead in the movie Trainwreck .This is probably the best reason to keep a sex list.

By Rubens Saintel

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