In LawBreakers the highly-anticipated debut First Person Shooter from Cliff Bleszinski & Boss Key Productions, the shattering of the moon changed everything.

Cliff Bleszinski is no stranger to shooters. He knows how to do them and do them well. He has been the brains behind genre powerhouses such as Gears of War to Unreal Tournament. Cliff Bleszinski is arguably the Shigeru Miyamoto of shooters. However this time around that is not what Cliff Bleszinski created, sort of. Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game LawBreakers is no Gears of War. It is not your typical shooter. This is not a kill-streak kind of game. Now that is out of the way we can talk about what it is. There are Marine-like soldiers in a team fighting the good fight. The game is in the future. LawBreakers takes place in a world where somehow humans have caused the moon to shatter. Think of the scene from The Time Machine remake back in 2002. See below for a reminder.

Back to LawBreakers, the moon shattering causes devastating earthquakes and changes gravity in certain spots. Both of which scientifically would not happen but I digress. Humans have rebuilt in their new terraformed world but someone want to be starting something. Gangs grow in numbers band together to form a super gang called “The Breakers” and start to attack the new world. Thus enter our heroes the Law. They are sent to fight the gangs called Breakers. Get it LawBreakers. They have super-human like powers thanks to supplements and the low-gravity zones. So characters with unique abilities such as a double jump. I  going to go on a limb and say that game might take some cues from games like TitanFall. The game is due out sometime in 2016. Not sure what systems it is coming out for at the moment. Bleszinski showed off the new “shooter” he created for his new studio Boss Key Productions in a live stream. Side note, I think that Live Streams will become the new press conference. Boss Key promises a gameplay trailer for LawBreakers will drop on Friday at 9AM ET. For now check out the trailer.

By Rubens Saintel

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