Democratic Presidential Debates viewership will be lower than it has been for the Republican debates, but CNN is attempting to win your vote up by broadcasting it in virtual reality.

The Republican debates were ratings gold thanks to Trump and the great number Republican candidates running for president. The Democratic debate will be a little different. It will feature fewer people but CNN is pulling out all the stops. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the clear leaders of the pack. However candidates Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee will try to take the limelight away from. If you have not heard of them, don’t feel bad. Most of America might not know they exist. CNN for their part did extend Vice President Joe Biden an invite. While he will not be on stage he will be seen. Vice President Joe Biden will have a TV spot funded by a Super-Pac. The debate held in Las Vegas without Donald Trump should still have fireworks.

Without Trump viewership will be lower than Republican debates but CNN doing its best to get people excited and watching. They are even broadcasting the Democratic Presidential Debates in virtual reality. If you happen to have a Samsung Gear VR headset you can download the NextVR portal in the Oculus Store. It will be like you are there. You’ll be able to take a virtual seat within the auditorium. You can also watch it on CNN or on CNN’s website.

By Rubens Saintel

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