“Bill has one of these. Did ya’ll make him give it back? No, because I know there was a big outcry from people that was trying to get Bill to give his trophies back.

Eddie Murphy wins Mark Twain Prize & impersonates Bill Cosby. That was not a typo. Eddie Murphy Impersonates Bill Cosby at Mark Twain Prize. The video is below if you want to watch it and come back to read the rest. It’s okay. I’ll wait… As I was saying, it is very surprising that he would do this since he refused to do an impersonation at the Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special. I guess since Eddie Murphy did acknowledge that Bill Cosby has the same award it was fair game. The Mark Twain Prize is award for American Humor every year. The awarded presented by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Some may think the impersonation came out of nowhere but in retrospect it was just a matter of time and respect.

The Bill Cosby impression during the SNL 40th would have seem opportunistic and disrespectful. Now, however that more facts are out about Bill Cosby he is fair play for all. Even long time supporter Malcolm-Jamal Warner had a few jabs to throw Cosby’s way. Malcolm-Jamal Warner played Bill Cosby’s son on The Cosby Show. He augured and I would have to agree with him that the show is tarnished. The show is no longer that bacon of moral and positive representation of African Americans. It is no long that show you can hold as a contrast to the ratchetness on TV today.

“My biggest concern is when it comes to images of people of color on television and film, no matter what … negative stereotypes of people of color, we’ve always had ‘The Cosby Show’ to hold up against that. And the fact that we no longer have that, that’s the thing that saddens me the most because in a few generations the Huxtables will have been just a fairy tale.” Warner explained in an interview.


“You may have heard recently that I allegedly put the pill in the people’s stomach […] If I ever see or meet this Hannibal Buress in person I am going to try and kill this man!” Murphy said while impersonating Bill Cosby.

Hannibal Buress is the comedian who was the first to publicly talk about the Bill Cosby rape allegations. He referenced the drug & rape story during a stand-up act about one year ago. Ever since that time dozens of women have come forward with very similar stories of Cosby drugging them and then sexually abusing them. The original footage that started all this is below. NSFW.

By Rubens Saintel

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