That presumption of innocence has been eroded—if not eliminated—and that’s why the court needs to take further curative action. ~Dean Strang

The Netflix original documentary Making a Murderer is a global phenomenon. The 10-episode series that focuses on the life of Steven Avery is very hard to watch, addictive and forces you to question how the law works. Steven Avery spent 18 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit. Cops ignored other options. Watch the show you will see what I am talking about. After 18 years in jail DNA evidence was used to release Steven Avery. For this gross injustice Steven Avery was awarded less than $200,000, just enough to cover his lawyer fees for a first-degree murder case. More on that later.  If you haven’t yet seen the show, it is highly recommend that you watch it now but make sure you have a few hours to kill. If you have watched the show, here is a rundown of where everybody is to today.


James Lenk

james lenk making a murderer picture

This man was not controversial. He was a representation of what is wrong with the law system. There are some really good officers out there. Then you have this guy. Lieutenant James Lenk planted evidence in an effort to frame Avery. Lenk planted Hallbach’s key in Avery’s bedroom and planted shell casing in Avery’s garage. He no longer works with the Manitowoc County Sherrif’s Department. He is dealing with poor health.


Brendan Dassey

brendan dassey diploma

Dassey was the developmentally challenged 16-year old that may or may not be innocent. Yes he was manipulated by investigators into a false confession. However, he still might have done it. Dassey is now in his mid-20s and still locked up at the Green Bay Correctional Institution maximum security prison in Wisconsin. Dassey received his GED while locked up and won’t be able to put it to use until he is eligible for parole in his 50s.


Ken Kratz

ken kratz making a murderer

The lead prosecutor in both the Steve Avery and Brendan Dassey murder trials. To say that this guy has had some very bad behavior is an understatement. The very ethically corrupt Kratz is still practicing law.



Dean Strang

dean strang making a murderer

Strang was like that good guy you want on your side. As Avery’s defense attorney, he made very compelling arguments that clearly showed that Avery’s murder charge was a setup and there was a lot of reasonable doubt. Strang is still a practicing attorney. He is at the law firm StrangBradley in Madison, Wisconsin.


We have been acting as informal advisers with Steven and his family for quite some time. Because we’ve become a clearinghouse of emails, tips, suggestions, including from scientists with ideas about new blood tests, we’ll be forwarding that on [to his new lawyer]. We will assist in any way we can to help Steven get a new trial.


Jerome Buting

jerome buting avery trial

The other half of Avery’s defense team, Buting still practices criminal defense law in Wisconsin. He works at the law firm Buting, Williams & Stilling. Buting has an interview with Rolling Stone.

Andrew Colborn

andrew colborn avery murder trial

Colborn is the one who called in the license plate to Hallbach’s car before her vehicle was officially found. Colborn with his pal James Lenk were the corrupt officers who “found” Hallbach’s keys in Avery’s trailer. Colborn was also the same officer in 1995 who received a call from another detective indicating that Avery may not have been responsible for the rape he was sent to prison for 10 years earlier. If Colborn had acted like a real cop and listened to someone, Avery would been released after 10 years instead of 18 for a crime he did not do. Believe it or not ,Colborn has been promoted and is now a lieutenant with the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office.






Len “The Joker” Kachinsky

len kachinsky interview

Len Kachinsky might be one of the worst lawyers money can buy. Brendan Dassey’s original attorney was absolutely horrible. It seems Len was more concerned with representing himself in the media than making a case for his client Dassey. Kachinsky allowed Dassey to be questioned by investigators without himself or Dassey’s mother present. Kachinsky also publicly said Brendan Dassey was legally responsible for Hallbach’s murder. Somehow, Kachinsky is still practicing law in Wisconsin.



Judge Patrick Willis

patrick willis judge making a murderer

Judge Patrick Willis was the presiding judge during the Avery trial and prevented Avery’s attorneys from presenting any evidence that would suggest there were other possible suspects who could have murdered Teresa Hallbach. Willis is now retired.


Sandy Greenman

sandy greenman

At one point sh was engaged to Avery has since called it off because Avery wouldn’t “adopt Christianity as his faith.” Greenman says that she and Avery are still close. She still feels that Avery is completely innocent.



Steven Avery


Avery remains locked up with no possibility of parole at the Waupun Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin. Avery has already exhausted all of his appeals. The only way he can get out is if new evidence is discovered and brought to light. Avery’s new attorney, Kathleen Zellner, has a number of overturned wrongful convictions. So maybe there is hope yet. It’s just sad to see over half of someone’s life spent in the system. One has to wonder if this is what happens everyday in the court systems for African Americans – shoot, Americans in general – or was it just one very corrupt  court system in a very small county?

By Rubens Saintel

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