I do not trust movie review online, rating systems or movie review sites but I do trust Rotten Tomatoes. They are the only exception. That may soon change if Fandango goes messing around with their formula. The movie ticket company is continuing its quest to grow its empire by acquiring smaller companies. It purchased the streaming company M-Go just a few months ago. Now Fandango has added movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster to its portfolio. Warner Bros. the former owner of Flixster will keep a minority stake in it. One thing seems to be clear with all the flurry of acquisitions Fandango has made; Fandango wants to do more than just sell movie tickets. That could mean some real competition for Moviefone and its parent company AOL.

The fear is that Fandango wont just integrate its ticketing capabilities into Flixster’s app and add Rotten Tomatoes scores. What if Fandango starts being bias with what movies it offers to people to buy based on Rotten Tomatoes scores?  Will Fandango end up handling movies with very low scores like a red-headed step child? Audiences like to make up their own minds. It would be a shame if the service didn’t continue to be a standard. Hopefully the conflict with Rotten Tomatoes integration will not be as bad as it seems.


You might not know this but Flixster’s does have its own existing streaming service. Although most people only used it access Ultraviolet digital movies. Fandango will be shutting down the service and nudge people towards its own streaming services.

By Rubens Saintel

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