If you thought that 99MPG was crazy talk; listen up. Volkswagen has come up with what has to be the most efficient car I have ever heard of. The  XL1 is rated at 313MPG fuel efficiency and produces only 24g of CO2 per kilometer traveled. No that was not a typo. I said 313 MPG.

There’s an electric motor and a TDI diesel engine making all the buzzing and roaring noises inside, while the overall body design is focused on making the car as light and as aerodynamic as possible. Volkswagen has achieved a 795kg curb weight by using carbon fiber, magnesium, ceramics, and aluminum to shave down any excess portliness from the XL1, while wind-tunnel testing and optimizations have resulted in a rather exemplary 0.186 drag coefficient.

What is the wait to get your hands on this car. Well the good news is there is no wait. The bad news is that its not for sale. The car is still just a concept.

By Rubens Saintel

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