The future of Android will be a little clearer next week when we get to see that Google has in store for the mobile operating system. I/O is to Google what WWDC is to Apple. The annual I/O developers conference kicks off next week on May 18. Google’s I/O is not the same conference you are used to. It is way more interesting than WWDC in that Google covers so much in such a short amount of time. Google will cover products and technologies in all sorts of fields. In other words not just phones, tablets and computers. The Alphabet umbrella is vast but speaking of phones. The company’s upcoming Android N and Project Tango are something we can not wait to play with.

This is the first time I/O will be a 3-day event which means that Google has a lot to discuss at this year’s developers conference. Below is the rundown of what to expect;

  • Android N

New version of Android. Codenamed Android N. N stands for Nutella. Quick reply notifications, multi-window support, new tools to prevent excessive data usage if need be, support for pressure sensitive displays aka 3D Touch, and better battery management.

  • Self-Driving Cars

Tesla Autopilot software is epic so Google has to show off its own self-driving car technology.

  • Amazon Echo competitor

The Amazon Echo came out of nowhere to win fans and critics alike. It’s Siri that works. It is also a form of search. So you know Google has to have something up its sleeve to fight back. Nest team has been busy building a device intended to compete with the Amazon Echo. Maybe we will see it at Google I/O.

Project Tango

Lenovo and Google partnership for the Project Tango smartphone means there will be a release date soon. What better place to show it off than Google I/O on center stage.

Virtual Reality Headset

Google has developed a more advanced virtual reality headset that doesn’t rely on a smartphone, computer or game console. Look out Oculus and HTC Hive. Not sure it will be ready this week though.

Project Aura 

Project Aura is basically Google Glass 2.0. This is yet another upcoming device that is being handled by Nest CEO Tony Fadell. This time the device is not meant for the public. Google Glass 2.0 will be geared toward manufacturing and healthcare industries.

Chrome OS/Android merger

This is a race to unificiation. Apple seems to be on a clear path to this end. Microsoft already stated that its OS will become one OS that runs on all its devices. Will Google do the same with its Android?

By Rubens Saintel

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