Pebble who arguably started this whole wearable thing is not fading into the night. They want to remind you that they are still here and remind you why you fell in love with their Kickstarter in the first place. Today they unveiled its newest smartwatches. However this is Pebble, so you have to head to Kickstarter to support the new devices. Your options are a second generation Pebble, Pebble Time or the a all-new 3G wearable called the Pebble Core. The Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 are designed just like their predecessors. The upgrade was to the displays, better battery life and the addition of a heart-rate monitor. The Pebble 2 added 24/7 heart-rate monitor, microphone, activity and sleep tracker. All their new devices are water resistance up to 30 meters and 7 day battery life.


The Pebble Time 2 will feature a color E-Paper display that is 53% larger than the model that came our just last year. Just like the Pebble 2 it will feature  24/7 heart-rate monitor, mic, activity/sleep tracker as well as being water resistance up to 30M. Pebble is also promises a ridiculous 10 day battery life. Pebble 2 ships in September this year. The Pebble Time 2 ships in November. Remember you have to use Kickstarter to buy these smartwatches. Once the Kickstarter end the prices will go up. The Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 will cost $129 and $199 respectively.

By Rubens Saintel

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