smart skipping rope


The online Apple store this week started selling Smart Rope. What makes this jump rope “smart” you ask? The jump rope counts the number of jumps you take. My first thought was whats the big deal. The Tangram Smart Rope shows the number of jumps right in front of user. So as you jump you will see your jumps “in the air” which is pretty cool. The Smart Rope has built-in LEDs. You can also display the number of calories you burn instead of jumps if you wish. The 23 LEDs embedded in the rope flash at thousands of times per minute, using persistence of vision. The LEDs are bright enough to be seen clearly even in bright room.

The Smart Rope relays your information to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You have to use an app called the Smart Gym. The app displays information on jumps, calories burned and total training time. You can also sync the app with Apple HealthKit to help provide an even more accurate picture of your overall well-being. The cost of Tangram Smart Rope Factory in the Apple Online store is $89.99 or you can get it at Amazon for the same price.



By Rubens Saintel

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