Pokémon Go is everywhere. While you might think this is great news for Nintendo, you would be wrong. Pokémon Go is actually wonderful for Apple and Niantic. The reason is Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic, and published with help from The Nintendo owned The Pokémon Company. Nintendo has licensed rights, receives royalties for games Pokémon. Meaning they are not getting the boat load of the estimated $1.6 million in profit Niantic is making daily from the game. So before Nintendo gets its cut, Niantic, The Pokémon Company, Apple and Google are all receiving a percentage of sales.

That might be the reason  Nintendo is releasing the NES Classic Edition. I wants some of the action and money from all the hype. While the excitement is very real. It is not the game console people were hoping for. Cough, NX, cough. However, the Classic Edition system will come preloaded with 30 games. The main staples such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and others are part of the 30. There are some things you should know about the system before you get too excited. First and arguably most important to know is that mini NES can not play your old NES cartridges. The only games that the Classic Edition can play will be the 30 games we listed at the end of this post. This should not be a surprise since an NES cartridge is actually larger than the min NES.

The NES Mini can not connect to the internet. So that means no Virtual Console games. This is just such a huge miss on Nintendo’s part. The NES mini uses HDMI to connect to your TV. It’s not like they could have used anything else at this point right? The system comes with a USB port but it is for the AC adapter. However, you know its only a matter of time until someone finds a way to use it for something more useful… Can you say emulator? You can use the new NES Classic Controller, the Classic Controller and the Classic Controller Pro on the The NES Classic Edition.  The system only supports up to two controllers and one of them must be an NES Classic Controller. All it all this is great if you don’t feel like using YouTube to learn to make one yourself. Oh, and that whole legal thing with the ROMs.

The Rundown: Post summery for those that don’t want to read.  

  • Pokémon Go  is not making Nintendo money
  • NES when it launches on November 11th for $59.99.
  • You can play will be the 30 games
  • Can not play your old NES cartridges
  • Use HDMI port for TV & USB for power
  • Comes with 1 NES Classic Controller


By Rubens Saintel

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