Now that you have got your hands on Pokémon GO you can’t seem to put it down. We already gave you The Complete Guide, Tips & Trick to Pokemon Go but here are some Tweaks from the jailbreak world to help you level up. If you are one of the lucky few people who have their device jailbroken we have some tweaks to make Pokémon GO even better than original.Pokémon GO has a failsafe in place to stop you from using Jailbreaks but there are ways around it. NOTE: These might get you blacklisted from Pokémon GO. Use at your own risk.

The Tweaks

  • PokePatch and allows you to play the game on jailbroken devices. What if you don’t even want to leave your house? There is a tweak for that.
  • PokemonGoAnywhere if for you lazy gamers without a drone to fly around. You don’t have to leave your house to search for Pokemon.  Simply tapping on the screen will allow you to walk around the map. That is all well and good but what if you can’t even get into the game due to the servers crashing?
  • FlappyGo got you covered. The tweak lets you play Flappy Bird without leaving the Pokemon GO app. Lets say you don’t have time to even open the app.
  • Pokemon Lock lets you play the game right on your lock screen. While that sounds great I would not recommend it because you have to disable your devices passcode.

The Repos:

  • Masterball –
  • PokePatch –
  • PokemonGoAnywhere –
  • FlappyGo –

Pro Tip: Improve battery life for longer playing time

The game is great but it really kills your battery. There is a way around it. To preserve your battery life go to the settings menu inside the game to activate Battery Saver mode. The option to the best of my knowledge does not disable any features of the game.

By Rubens Saintel

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