In the no duh file. Netflix will renew one of the best series on TV ever. Certainly the best new show of the summer on any network. Stranger Things season 2 is finally official however there is no firm release date for the new season as of yet. The Netflix show will have nine episodes next season. That more episodes of 80’s goodness to geek out on.  Of course there is no info about the cast nor is there any information on the plot. One can only hope that El is still around. As good as those kids were; eleven made the show what it was. The Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer are back to offer us some creative mind-blowing authentic 80’s writing. Duffers Brothers, Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen will once again to serve as executive producers.

The Duffer Brothers have already dropped some really big hints about what we can expect in season 2.   “We want it to feel like a big movie. But there’s a bigger mythology, and there’s a lot of dangling threads at the end. We could explore it if Netflix wanted to continue.” ~ Matt Duffer “It’s about giving enough, so the audience feels satisfied,” ~Ross Duffer