The wait is almost over for the release of iOS 10. If you have enjoyed the beta then it’s a good time to backup. If you have not been in the beta there is no need to consider it a priority. September 14 will be the release date for the long awaited iOS 10. Those with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with be able to update. We  know the release date because Apple always releases the iOS exactly one week after the presentation of the its new iPhone. Meaning, if Apple’s event will be held on 7 September, one week later would be the 14th. Then again Apple could decide to release it on the same day. I mean its Apple; they do what they want after all.

I’ve been playing with iOS 10 since the first beta. I can honestly say this is one of the best releases that Apple has brought out to its devices. The updates are not minor and may have a learning curve for some people but it’s worth it. Everything from the lock screen, control, notification Center and iMessage have been updated. Siri has hardly a good voice assistant since its conception. That may change this time around. Not sure if it was Amazon’s Echo that made Apple step up its game but it worked. Siri will now be able to work with the developers. Siri will also get access to machine learning. The Photos app borrows from Google a little with the addition of face recognition.

IMessage in my option gets the most useful and noticeable update. You can do handwritten messages and emoji suggestions. There is a built in browser for inserted links. That means you have the ability to watch YouTube You can also add effects or if you wish change the text size if desired.