The latest version of Adobe’s Lightroom app the photo editing app for iOS now lets you shoot in raw using the built-in camera. This is a major step in fully replacing your DSL-R with an iPhone. What you shoot will be exactly what you without the iOS processing over it artificially.

Don’t mistake this for Apple letting you do this. Apple’s built-in Camera app doesn’t allow you to shoot in raw. In fact it is not even as an option. However with the release of the iOS 10 third-party apps have the option. To make this happen you have an iPhone on iOS 10 with a 12MP iSight camera. Keep in mind that shooting in RAW/DNG is not for everyone. If you don’t currently capture pictures in RAW with a DSL-R; don’t worry about it. Making the switch can result in some less than perfect shots because iOS hasn’t intelligently improved the shot. The point of RAW is so that you can have more options in post editing. Photo editing software like Lightroom making use of RAW lets you make all the manual adjustments to the shot in post. Lightroom also supports the new P3 color displays on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models. Enjoy that wider color gamut.

Adobe also recently put Lightroom on the Apple TV for users that want to showcase their shots on the big screen.

What’s New in Version 2.5.0

• The in-app camera now supports the DNG format! DNG is Adobe’s open-source raw format that gives you maximum image quality and the greatest amount of editing flexibility. To use the DNG format you need to have iOS 10 and a device that has a 12MP camera • Support for the P3 color space • Bug fixes

Previous Notes:

2 incredible new features for Creative Cloud members: • Raw support is here! With this Technology Preview you can import and edit the raw photos you take with your camera. You can also sync these photos and edits back to Lightroom CC on your computer. For a list of supported cameras, visit • Local Adjustments lets you selectively apply Exposure, Brightness, Clarity, and other adjustments to a specific part of a photo.

New features for everyone: • Support for keyboard shortcuts if you are using a physical keyboard. • Add your copyright to photos when you import them. • Support for latest Adobe Camera Raw version.

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