The iPhone 7 Plus dual camera allows you to create photos with incredible SLR effects. You don’t have to buy a iPhone 7 Plus to get that great effect. You can do it right now with the Tadaa SLR app which can really do some equally work. You can take photos with a bokeh effect. That is name of the half blur half focused effect that the iPhone 7 Plus does using dual lenses. If you look at the picture it is indistinguishable from expensive SLR cameras. The Tadaa SLR allows you to keep objects in focus and automatically blurs the background image. You can take pictures from within the app or use a picture from your camera roll. With the Tadaa SLR you can keep playing with the picture until you get just the right shot. So keep tinkering with in until you are satisfied because you undo several previous actions. After you have done what you need to do with the image. You can share the picture with Facebook, Twitter or save it to your phone.

Pro:  Tadaa SLR brings you depth-of-field and bokeh without the need for expensive gear.

Con: I get the feeling that the resolution is not as great after processing. To be fair, no 3rd party apps don’t normally retain qualify with a few exceptions.

Cost: Free

Aye/Nay: This is a Aye. No need to wait for the iPhone 7 Plus to get this feature. Apple said its just going to happen with a firmware update. Why wait, just download Tadaa SLR and have some fun. Download it now, it’s worth it.

iTunes Link: Tadaa SLR

By Rubens Saintel

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