Not sure is if because Microsoft has changed so much or is it because of the pressure of the world we live in but Skype users can now make free calls without having an account. One of the most frustrating things in when you go to use an app and are forced to login or create an account. Now you can go registration free on the Skype website. The guest mode in the web version of the popular Microsoft VoIP service is up now if you want to try it. This should be a challenge to GoToMeeting and other VOIP enterprise companies out there. Users will be able to make calls and communicate with other users even without having an account.


Guest mode is not a watered down version of the program either. The text chat can support up to 300 people at a time. You can also have 25 people in audio or video calls at the same time. To try it out simply go to “Start as conversation” and then enter any name you want. Skype then creates a special link, which you send to the people you want to talk to joined the dialogue. As a bonus you can also files and stream images on the screen.

By Rubens Saintel

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