Movie editing is so easy that anyone can do it but to do it well it takes skill. With the Touch Bar you can speed that up a little. These apps do the trick.


Now you’ll be able to select and scrub tracks, edit selections, and all kinds of useful stuff.


You no longer have to hunt for editing tools and shortcuts.

Art and Graphic Design

These are the best graphic design programs and as such they are packed with Touch Bar features.


Computers best use case is making us little productivity monsters. Sometimes it does not workout that way but the MacBook Pro Touch Bar looks to change that. These productivity saves seconds, sometimes minutes on your daily workload.


I find the Touch Bar to be a bit of a utility in itself but never the less it makes things easier.

Just got a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? We did all the ground work for you to find compatible apps. Here are the apps that take advantage of the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar.