There are a lot calls out there but this Lexus LIT IS one of a kind. Yes, the Lexus actually decided to go ahead and call the car “LIT” because it can. The car is covered from roof to bottom with high-intensity with over 42,000 LED lights. That is not where it stops. The lights are programmed with dynamic designs and what’s more they are able to react to music and as well as movement. This car is a an experiment in eye-catching originality. Lexus has a way of creating the hottest cars just because it feels like it. The lights of the LIT IS flicker and flash in whatever patterns and designs you feel like creating. There is no way that this car will be street legal but it would be interesting to see the effect that would happen in a fender-bender.

The Lexus LIT IS car lighting system different modes are can be all created with gestures. The mode is made possible thanks to an integrated video game console. Before you get too excited the LIT IS isn’t a production model. No way it will ever become one. Why? The multicolored lights are simply super illegal in pretty much every state.

By Rubens Saintel

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