If Snapchat does not hurry up with it’s IPO it might not have anything to offer investors the way Instagram keeps lifting features from them. Instagram now has the option for stickers in Instagram Stories. In case you missed it Instagram Stories was a blatant ripoff from Snapchat as well. There are stickers for all kinds of things such weather, your current location (not sure why you would share that) and the time. Instagram is sure doing its best to not only steal away the features that make Snapchat more appealing. Its also seems to be on a mission to entice Instagram’s younger audience.

If stickers don’t do it for you, there are other new Instagram Stories tools that are very useful. There is now no limit on the amount of text you’d like to use. The cap on videos has already been lifted. You can add save stories from the past day as a video. There are more special stickers on the way for special holidays. Stickers are nice but these features are not innovation.

By Rubens Saintel

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