So you are loving Super Mario Run but there is no way you are paying $9 without more content. Well they must of heard you, sort of. You can now play against your friends. Nintendo’s first official game Super Mario Run is the fastest mobile game ever to surpass 25 million downloads. At the time this article is published the game has been downloaded over 50 million times. It only took four days to get to 40 million. So there must be a lot of you are loving Super Mario Run out there. That said you probably feel like me, “there is no way you are paying $9 without more content.”

Sorry for you but Nintendo said that Super Mario Run won’t be updated with any fresh new levels, free or paid.  That does not help sway those of us that were holding out for more levels or worlds before we drop cash on the game. What Nintendo did add was a brand new game mode called Friendly Mode. As you might tell from the name the new mode allows users to play against their friends. Not sure why that was not a launch feature but hey, we have it now.

To play the the new mode you will have had to added some friends. That is why it’s a friendly run. The bad news is that you can only play Friendly Mode once a day for free or use Rally Tickets to play. On top of that you won’t earn any coins, gain any Toad followers or level-up any enemies. You might think this is a great reason to pay $9 for the full game. Well not so fast. Even if you’ve paid for the full version it’s not a free for all. You will still be limited to only three times per day if you have cleared world 1 and if you’ve cleared world 2 you can play up to five times each day.

Watch the video to learn HOW TO PLAY AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS: 

By Rubens Saintel

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